Best Video calling app for android

The traditional way of texting and calling is outdated, presently with the advancement of technology. The communication has become more exciting and fun, video calling is still on a craze among the people at present, the invention of 3G, 4G has taken the world in a whole new era of communication.  Varieties of application are created and invented for the sake of video callings and many other communication purposes.

You will only need to have an Android device for having a great time calling face to face with friends, families and loved ones. Unfortunately, there are thousands of video calling applications available, and only a few of them are best for video calling. And here you’ll get the best video calling apps for Android phone. Choose any of your favorite video calling app from below


Skype is the best video calling app and has been used by millions of people from whole around the world. This application is available for most of the devices and platforms.


Skype supports both of the cameras of your device. You can make video calls to Skype to Skype only with your Android devices. You can also make voice calls and text messages and share videos, pictures, mp3 and much more with the help of this application.

Google Hangout

The ultimate messaging and video calling app released by Google officially named as Google hangout, the most popular and crazed among the people. Make video calls or voice calls or send messages absolutely free and efficient. This app is the pearl in everyone’s Android devices; this app synchronizes with the contacts you have made so that you can also text and make video calls and can start hangout through the application Google hangouts.


Now you can connect with more than ten users at a time and start video calling with each other, free voice calling through this application no sign up needed if you already have the Google account.


We all know Viber for its popularity gained by the service and quality which this application has given to its users worldwide. And with the addition of video calling in Viber has made it more useful than before.


Video calling is so much easy with this application. Choose any one of your contacts, who is also using Viber. And start a new call and then select video calling option. Start live video chatting or send pre-recorded videos as a message, send text messages, interesting, funny sticker, and a lot of more absolutely for free.


Video calling is fun and important also if you want to enjoy the video calling without any interruptions or disturbances you can use any of the above videos calling application, all of them are good and are of genuine quality. I have been using all the application which I mentioned above. I personally like Skype more than other applications. Its all depends on the taste of the users or else all of the applications are of very user-friendly.

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